Monday, March 21, 2011

Have a seat, Matt Cooke

There are a number of other things that I have been planning on blogging about, but I just can not let this issue go without comment.  I  refrained from saying anything yesterday after the terrible elbow to the head that Matt Cooke put on a Ranger in yesterday's game, shown nationally on NBC.  However, it is still bothering me this morning, especially after just reading this article.

Matt Cooke was quoted in an article yesterday morning about head shots and specifically about the committee that was set-up.  He stated:
"I think it's a great thing ... they're going to do what's best, or at least recommend what's best, not only for the game, but also the players."
Then several hours later, in a competitive, close game, he goes out and does exactly what everyone in the hockey world has been talking about all week.  In addition, he does exactly what the Penguins leadership, owners and managers, have come out and said should not be a part of the game!!

I used to be a Cooke fan because he plays the game with such intensity and is willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win.  He is crucial on the penalty kill, helping the Pens become the best PK in the NHL, and he has a great forecheck getting in the zone and creating mayhem.  He is not an identified goon, who has a specific role, he actually has some hockey skills, as evidenced by this goals and assists totals.

Despite saying that, it is unnecessary hits, like his flying elbow to the head, that do not belong in the game of hockey.  Did he learn nothing from the Trevor Gillies incidents?!?  As much as I think he helps the Pens and makes them a better team, if he is going to make bone-head plays like the hit yesterday, I don't want him playing for my team.

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