Thursday, February 25, 2021

Our Beloved Max

It has been 1 year and 1 day since we said goodbye to our beloved Max and what a year it has been. Maxers would have absolutely loved the amount of time that we have spent at home this past year, as he loved it when Kristi was working from home. I am not sure how thrilled he would have been with the extra little legs and hands being around and grabbing so much, because he certainly liked his peace when he was resting! In honor of his 1 year farewell anniversary, and since I haven't posted it here, below are some wonderful pictures of our buddy and the goodbye letter that I read to him, through copious amounts of tears. We love you and still miss you like crazy!! 💔
Puppy Maxers at the shelter

Maxers enjoying the Shirlington Dog Park

Maxers yawning on a hike in CSZ

Maxers looking cool in the townhouse

Maxers scouting the backyard in PGH
Maxers enjoying a hike in CSZ

Maxers relaxing in FL

Maxers resting at home in Barcroft

A Letter to My Maxers

My buddy Maxers, my life changed immensely the minute that you came into my life. Appearing with Russ and Blue out of the rainstorm at High Hampton with your cute little sibling Chloe. It had been a little while since I had a dog, since I was off at school, and hadn’t really thought about having another one until you guys came into my life. Your auntie B and grandma thought that you would be a good change to my life as you would help me learn to care for someone other than myself. I think grandma secretly wanted you to help prepare me for having children someday.

I had to wait a whole month from that first weekend until I would make it back to Cashiers to rescue you from the Humane Society and we would begin our adventures together! You came back to DC and settled into “city” life fairly well, even though you were a mountain dog at heart. You were a rambunctious puppy and certainly did your fair share of puppy destruction around the house. You loved our almost daily trips to the Shirlington Dog Park, even if you didn’t like to chase balls and only wanted to run and play with Chloe! And then Daddy met a girl who he really liked. Fortunately for him, she loved you just as much as Daddy did. And unlike your sister, you didn’t really mind the feline brother that she brought with her. You even tolerated it when we brought home another little feline companion for him.

I’m sure it came from your early life of scrounging around High Hampton for something to eat, but you never found a trash can that you didn’t like! It didn’t matter the contents; you were happy to sniff around to see if there was something worthwhile and chew whatever was in there. And of course we have to mention your love of all food that was left unattended in your vicinity. It didn’t matter whether it was chocolate in a bag or steaks and Irish soda bread on top of the counter, your nose would show you the way!

But where your heart really lay was in adventure. You were most happy when you could be out roaming the wilderness. Mostly in Cashiers on our many hikes through the woods, but sometimes you liked to split off and give us all a scare by going off on your own. There are probably too many times to mention here, but some of the notable ones are the escapes from the backyard in Pittsburgh, the snow adventure in Vermont, the chase in Hopewell, and the Thanksgiving dash in Cashiers. We always got you back safe and sound and you always convinced Chloe to go with you, even though I think she was nervous about leaving us. And who could forget your first Christmas in East Hanover where you did a number on the powder room door!

The last seven years, you have enjoyed having your Mom at home to give you treats and let you out during the day. Ever since she joined the family, you have always been a Mama’s boy, very content sitting with her in the basement while we watched our TV shows. I wish that you would have gotten to know Rowan and Chase when you were more active. I know they would have loved playing with you, but I am glad that you got to spend as much time with them as you have.

Maxers, you haven’t made getting old easy on us with your 2 knee ligament replacements and your mast cell tumor. The last year has been especially tough as you have lost your mobility. We have had our scares that you would be leaving us sooner, but you have always persevered. You have had an amazing almost 16 years with us and we are forever grateful for the memories that you will leave us with. From all of us, especially Kristi, Rowan, Chase, Susie, John, Britton, Jarrett, Chris, Joe, Chloe, Sushi and last of all me, we give you all of our love and thanks! Give our best to Corky, Funny, Crackers, and Harry. We love you.

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